Friday, June 16, 2006

A Twofer

Icarus. Which is at a rather "ho hum" phase, being not much else than a few columns of yarnovers and some stockinette. I'm nearly done with the first repeat of chart A, and then I've got to do about 5 more repeats of rows 19-42. And then, I am told, there is interest in the form of a new chart. I am a slow knitter. It's kinda, a few rows here, a few rows there... but it's coming along and I'm pleased with the fabric. Blocking it is going to be miraculous.

Black Purl sock with the yarn the Jersey Knitter sent me a while back. Just a plain st st sock. It lives in my purse. It might meet Mr. Bourdain on Sunday if it is very, very well behaved and he's in an expansive mood.

test tile/unfired

I haven't been flashing it around much but Rainware is back in business and I'll be opening an Etsy shop soon for one of a kind ceramic goodness. Feels kinda shiny to be doing the art thing again.


Lucia said...

OMG, that tile is amazing! Due to our relatively recent acquaintance I was unaware of this ceramic brilliance.

For ego gratification there is nothing, but nothing, like blocking lace.

Geogrrl said...

Oh, my [insert Deity of choice here]! Bourdain? You get to go to a signing by Bourdain? Gah. I am SO envious. Nobody interesting every comes to this backwater. Man...

Anyway, tell us how it went and we want details on the stockroom liaison.

Oh, and the shawl in progress looks lovely.