Wednesday, June 21, 2006



That's it for the mehndi test stuff for now. Part of what I'm trying to sort out for myself is how certain design elements translate onto a two dimensional surface. Normally, obviously, I do this stuff on parts of the body. Hands, feet, shoulders, arms, etc. It is different there. Planning it is different there, how one would place or orient a design. Like the tile on top, that's based on an Indian bridal henna I did. It would be a whole hand piece. It's completely different when set on a 2d square surface. A shift in perspective. Indian bridal henna can be BUSY. How to apply that to this surface and yet not have it be too busy? Probably set into frames or borders rather than covering the whole piece. It's what I'm figuring out. It's a process.

In the meantime, I'm also honing some mad henna skillz, yo, and cannot wait to apply it to skin. Party, party, please universe, give me a party!

Next up, some Tuareg inspired pieces, a couple of el dia de los muertos inspired pieces and I'll have a kiln load for firing. Once that's sorted, I'll skip merrily into production and get the Etsy storefront up and running, as well as cobble together a booth set up and submit some photos for a few juried shows in my area. August 1st is my hoped for launch date for both physical shows and the Etsy thing. I'll be taking commissions, but I haven't even begun to sort out a scale for that yet.

I actually *am* getting stuff done with yarn, it's just not much of interest. A few more rounds on the BP sock, almost done with the ribbing on #1. A few more rows of Icarus. It grows.


Inky said...

The mehndi tiles are lovely!! I wanted that so much on my feet when I got married but alas, could not find an artist. I wish I'd know you then. Oh well, next wedding (same husband though - we want another "party" at 10 years).

As for the Dia de los Muertos tiles -- i can't wait to see those. we're house shopping this weekend and a Dia de los Muertos kitchen is in my dreams!!

rincaro said...

Wow. Really. Just wow.

Jenn said...

I am looking forward to your shop. I need a "special" coffee mug for blog reading....and boy have I been doing a lot of that since SP started!

Z said...

That is SOOO pretty. Hey, I've missed you! But I THINk I am back :)

Mouse said...

The tile is absolutely gorgeous.. I love henna/mehendi designs and will definitely be buying from you when you get an Etsy store.