Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogger: "Your browser's cookie function has been disabled. Nyah."

Me: "Is not!"

Blogger: "Is so!"

Me: "Is NOT."

Blogger: "Is too."

Me: "Nuh UH."

Blogger: "Yeah huh."

repeat, ad nauseum.

What do you get with 200+ liters of Diet Coke and a couple of packs of Mentos? big heap fun! [msnvideo embedded link]


Inky said... i so needed that laugh. did you watch the link for a "cautionary tale"

Ragnar said...

Tell me about it, I've been trying to update blog (or booger as it were) from many different computers with many different security settings. Stubborn ass piece of shit that blogger. I just want to shout at it "Well you know what I MEAN don't you? So just do it!"

Knitty Cat said...

What is the deal with blogger lately? I keep showing up to a plain vanila html version of my blog. And updating sometimes never happens. It sits at 0% uploaded for 10 minutes and then tells me there was a problem updating. No shit.
Anyway, you're blog is always good for a laugh!
Your side bar still drops to the bottom of the page when I visit though.