Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing." - Harriet Braiker

True enough. I'm definitely finding that to be the case with my knitting. In particular, C's socks. I ripped back the heel two times yesterday but now am past it and up into the ankle. I am very pleased with the way they are coming out overall though and I think I'd be less happy with them if I had *not* ripped back to correct the errors on the heel that I found. I also made a mistake in the lace/counting on the ankle and ripped that back a few rows as well, but that could be because I was watching a particularly compelling movie at the time. I caught back up though and I think I might be done with sock #1 today. Woohoo! These socks have become not so much socks as just this mental hurdle I have NOT been able to get over. I've become crazy OCD girl about them and the crazy thing is, I know that C will be just happy to have them and will not care if I missed a stitch or made a small mistake. The joy of having something made for you is the point, right? And the fun of the swap. All the rest of it is literally all in my head. I need to finish them and I know I'll feel good about it and feel excited about C's reaction when they (finally) get there. Sometimes I just literally make myself crazy. I am starting to find the fun again, now that things are working out, and starting to enjoy the process again and that's good.

It occurs to me that, hey, it's May. I can buy yarn. To that end, I am going to A Mano Yarn Center today and I am buying at least one skein of sock yarn, just because I can. I'm also going to Petco and getting some of those wide, flat dog brushes with the thin, closely spaced metal teeth. Because they're essentially handcards, they're $6 a pop and I can't afford real handcards right now. We'll see if it's a viable (if hopefully temporary) workaround.


Lucia said...

How about the joy of petrifying your fellow knitblogger with visions of swooping hawks? Just saying.

rincaro said...

Now I'm pretty darned sure that you have seen this or maybe already have it. But I thought of you immediately!

Yarn Pirate Bag