Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My awesome SP7, Shannon of Knit It In Black, Please, pointed out that my beloved Anthony Bourdain made a HUGE yarn faux pas during the Sweden ep. Which I missed because I was tired and sleep depped and did not stay up for that episode. Apparently while watching some Swedes crochet, he referred to it as knitting. A common error, perhaps, if one is woefully ignorant of all things yarn, but not what we expect from an urbane world traveler who does not flinch at the raw beating heart of a cobra and who survived a terrifying onslaught of fois gras. I for one am sadly disappointed. Not enough to give up my weekly droolfest stop watching or anything, but geez. He lost some Points, that's for sure.

Anthony, sweetie darling, I don't know that your love of all things Ramone, meat on a stick and use of the phrase "porky goodness" is enough to get you off the hook for this one. I was totally planning a lifetime together of mutual food bliss, but now? Now it may just have to be a shallow and meaningless affair, it may just be all about the sex. Sad, really.

I know you were expecting hate mail for eating the raw seal brains, but you underestimated the knitters. Never underestimate the knitters.

I don't think we should send Anthony hate mail, though. I think we should all knit and send Anthony ugly ass hats to wear on camera, hats with huge pom poms and bobbles, until he comes to my house and makes me breakfast groks the difference between sticks and hooks.

Thanks for the heads up, Shannon. One can never be too vigilant when it comes to these sorts of things.


Knitty Cat said...

I realy hate TV's inability to tell apart knit and crochet.

Doozers Knit said...

Good to know that we share Anthony Bourdain squeeage. But he's far to abrasive to be much good for anything other than a sex and food fling.

Geogrrl said...

Ooh, another Bourdain fan! I think he's pretty hot, but I can see him being to abrasive for some. I also caught the yarn faux pas, but am willing to forgive him as he's hilarious... and nice to watch.