Monday, May 29, 2006

I've been pretty sick all weekend with some vile stomach ailment - no fun. So there has been a lot of watching of the chick flicks, the Steel Magnolias, Eat Drink Man Woman, You've Got Mail, a couple of Lifetime dramafests, and, um, Saving Private Ryan. Which the husband says is not a chick flick, but rather, "a nonstop sausage fest." He has a point.

In this estrogen-centric cablefest, I've gotten a good chunk of knitting done. I spent several more hours fussing with the amazing yarn my SP7 gave me and finally gave in. But I was on a bloody mission to make the boobholder no matter what, so rummaged around in the stash and came up with some Lorna's Laces Black Purl worsted superwash. Cast on. And I really like how it is coming out.


I am two rows away from putting the sleeves onto spare yarn and working the body. I hope. I may actually need a few more rows. I did not swatch. HA! Hilarity is probably going to ensue. I looked at my yarn, looked at my needles, said "close enough" and we are now proceeding on a wing and a prayer. And waiting for hilarity. BUT, I have a Cunning Plan. If it is too small, that's okay. I have two female children. In size terms, we span adult sizes small, medium and extra large. It will fit someone. I'm not worried. Mostly I just wanted to make it and get an idea of doing the all one piece, raglan style increase, top down sweater construction. I really think this method of construction is just bloody brilliant, really.


Instead of doing an M1 increase on either side of the stitch marker as the pattern says, I am doing K1 to the front and K1 to the back of the stitch on each side of the markers. This is giving me a nice neat line of increases. I only hope that there is enough yarn to finish. I am unsure about the actual yardage on hand.

Wing. And. A. Prayer. Y'all.

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Inky said...

I'm sorry you are sick!! We didn't get your email in time to hook up but perhaps on our way home (some day, not sure when!!). Actually Mr. Inky is going home to day but I know it's all about meeting me, haha.

Hope you feel back to yourself soon!