Friday, May 05, 2006

I will not make Ook! Ook! noises about the orthopod anymore. He took FOUR exrays of Em's arm from every angle and really spent a lot of time checking her out. Verdict, NOT BROKEN for sure. The shadow did not turn up on the new films. He agrees that it is obviously still hurting a great deal, she's not making that up. We're supposed to put heat on it, some gentle massage and she has to really start using it in low impact ways, so we're off to the pool next week. She can't wear the sling anymore, even if it hurts. Poor smunchlet. He did not charge me a dime for the consult, just the Xrays, and gave me a break on those. So I won't make anymore ortho jokes. Even if they ARE funny.

Sock #2, started. Woo! I guess both Cam's socks will have the theme of "Knitted while waiting in doctor's offices."


Inky said...

Great news (probably not that great for Em tho' re: no splint)!

Geogrrl said...

Good to hear, and it's awfully nice that the ortho gave you a break on the costs.

Sounds to me like what we used to call a "bone bruise". The injury runs deep into the tissue, hurts, like hell, and it will take some time before it stops hurting. Using her arm (without overdoing) is really the best thing she can do. Gradually the pain will lessen and after some weeks she'll suddenly realize the arm feels fine.