Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am 2 repeats away from the ribbing portion of Cam's sock and the way my remaining wad of sock yarn is diminishing, I am a teeeensy bit worried that we're gonna make it.

I have a problem today. I have a Stash Problem. See, it's growing. Out of control. And this week, a bin broke. Cracked down the middle and yarn spilled out everywhere in the hall. So I kind of need to figure out new yarn storage solutions that I can easily grow with. Storage solutions that make yarn accessible. I hate having to unearth large bins and unstack things (which is how the bin broke, I sorta, um, dropped it from a high place) and I loathe having to dig for yarn in crammed bins. I have a lot of yarn. I'm not as bad as these gals, I mean, I at least pay for it, but still... yarn is happening more and more at my house and storage is not growing apace.

It just shows up. Randomly. Today? For example? This came:

Socks that Rock in Lapis. It is amazing. Not so amazing that you should buy any though. Really, I don't think you should go to the STR site at all to see all the BRAND NEW SOCK YARN they just stuck up, because really, it's all horrible, awful, I swear, and I can't buy more until next month and if you went it might mean they'd run out before I get thereyou would not like it. I swear. In fact, I am feeling generous. Please, let me throw myself on the Socks that Rock for you. We can pretend it is a grenade. I will sacrifice and buy the sock yarn so you don't have to.

I may have to get really creative if this keeps up.

Where do YOU keep yarn?


Z said...

Well, I am NOT a stasher. Maybe it's because of The Small House but IF I stash any, it stays in a box, on top of the table leaf, beside of the china cupboard in a small box. My new thing is to roll it all into balls and stuff it on a bookshelf.

Beth said...

I totally agree with you about Socks That Rock. I am going to recommend that everyone stay away from the Blue Moon Fiber booth at Stitches Midwest, at least until I've made it there.

Geogrrl said...

At this point in time, mine is in garbage bags inside cardboard boxes. I keep 2-3 bars of Yardley Lavender Soap in each box to make my natural fibers less attractive to insects.

When I have the money, my preferences is for the storage bins made by Rubbermaid or something like it. Look in the hardware section. The bins labeled "Roughneck" or some such are great. They'll stand up to weight (and pressure) and have hinged lids. They'll also tolerate stuff stacked on top of them if necessary.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

That is totally what I"m using now, Geo. Rubbermaid bins with hinged lids. I'm hoping to find something in the clear plastic but with drawers dept., big and deep enough to hold a LOT of yarn, but easier to dig through w/o unstacking a lot of stuff.

Beth, that sounds like a plan to me! Tell them... there's moths!

Z - never you mind, the stash bug will get you eventually!

Geogrrl said...

Ah, in that case Sterilite or Rubbermaid do make stacking units with semi-transparent drawers. We got ours at Target. I can't say whether they're still available.

Also, I'd check out Ikea.