Friday, May 12, 2006

Here is the cat, patiently modeling the #2 Cam sock. You will note, dear reader, the utter lack of progress. I am quite sure it is because nobody has broken an arm, fallen off a wall, had a skateboard accident, or otherwise landed themself in a doctor's office. Rest assured, I am still knitting away at them frantically, round after time/space continuum bending round.

And here is the fuzzy Mr. Bukatski, modeling the leaf lace sock in Bearfoot Ruby Ridge. This was originally Cam's sock, but the size was so different in this yarn vs. the yarn I used last time, I knew it wouldn't fit. That's ok. It'll fit my mom, Grannie MacYarnPirate and she's got a birthday coming up in the fall so I'll just finish and stash 'em.

That Aussie (my Handsome Cabin Boy) is off to Sydney for a couple of weeks and I've been subliminally implanting him with the desire to stock up on merino sock yarn for some time now. I'm hoping that my attempts at mind control are so successful, that he'll ditch all of his clothes on the return trip and fill up the suitcase with sock yarn, Nerada tea and Tim Tams. He's rather attached to wearing clothes though, so I'm not sure.

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Jill said...

Gorgeous...the cat & the socks!