Thursday, May 25, 2006

Have y'all seen Unraveled by Eunny Knits? Great tutorials, people write in with questions and then she answers them. I like how she presents the information. Her timing is GREAT, too. There was some stuff in there about adapting patterns when you're getting a different gauge or substituting yarns - I may be able to knit that minisweater/boobholder in the yarn I wanted, after all. She makes it fairly straightforward and also talks about both row and stitch gauges and how to adapt or deal with both. Helpful! But there's no getting around it, I'm gonna have to swatch and wash and block and wait if I want to use this yarn for that sweater.

After a shamefully long hiatus, I threw in yet more rounds on Cam's sock today. She's due in 2 days. The rounds are disappearing, where are they going? I was trucking along with my dpns at the dog park today and then a huge Rottweiler sat on Tiki (my dog is a Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound or Whippet mix, read, SMALL, she only weighs 15 lbs) and the sock went flying into the bag mid row while I shrieked "NO! Bad!" rather ineffectually at the Very Bad Rottie and danced around and looked worried. I'm really scared of big dogs sometimes.

So I'll probably have some repairs to make there. I'm thinkin. And Cam is definitely gonna win this race, which is shameful because she wasn't even pregnant when it started. I really just have not had a lot of time for knitting. I've been really busy with the end of the school year, with hooping and dance (I'm taking 4 classes a week right now), I'm working hard to promote Harissa! Bellydance and just haven't picked up the yarn too consistently. It makes for boring knit blogging, I'm afraid. I could write till I'm blue about cool hoop tricks, but that won't put socks on Cam's feet or finish the red Rosebud Cardi, now will it?

I got a note back from the WWKIP Day lady and I'm the West LA organizer. So now I probably need to get... organized. Ahem.

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