Thursday, May 04, 2006

Em's arm is still in pain and she still can't use it. A little better yes. Useable? No. So we shlep back to the ortho tomorrow. If it were bone bruise as he dxed over a week ago, it would not still be this painful. Even he agrees with that much. He rechecked the xray from the ER today and he said that there is "a shadow" near the elbow "that could actually be a break." So he wants us to come back in and he will do a fresh film tomorrow. See if anything new has developed. See if he missed a break by not looking carefully enough. Whatever.

Can I just say that I will spend any amount of money on my kid's well being but this will be another $140 office fee and then about $150-$200 for xrays. Cash up front please. This does not make me feel good and thank god I didn't buy yarn yesterday, huh? I had a feeling. So I skipped the yarn part. I am *hoping* that they slip me a break since this is a recheck, but I am not counting on it. At this point, all I want is an answer that I can trust. I want a fix. I want to know what exactly is wrong so we can make it stop hurting and so she can use it. Period.

It's that vague maternal "something is not right" feeling that is driving me batty. Sadly, that feeling does not carry weight with doctors. Particularly orthopods. My dad (the surgeon) says that you can always tell the ortho guys at a medical conference because they're the ones who are pointing and Ook! Ook!ing at the pretty pictures during the slideshows.

Speaking of pretty pictures...


This, my knitty friends, is a completed Cam sock. I am one sock closer to finishing the swap! Cam, it is a nice stretchy pattern and it has a lot of give. I made it that way because you mentioned that since you are a bajillion years pregnant, your feet are swelling. This way, they'll work while everything goes back to normal (hopefully) and then be nice comfy slouchy socks.

More tomorrow. You'll know me because I'll be pointing at my check register in horror and grunting Ook! Ook!

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