Friday, May 26, 2006


Done. Done. Done. Done. Done.

purple roving

Merino-mohair blend from Beaverslide Dry Goods. I'm getting a fab worsted weight slubby single with flecks of blue, violet, hot pink and cream. It's coming out really nice.

Also. Socks for Cam. Done. Sweet Creeping Zombie Jeeeeeeezus, they're finally done.


Inky said...

yay!! finished socks :)

btw....on my way behind the Orange Curtain I'm stopping at VILLAGE SPIN AND WEAVE in Solvang. woot!! gonna check out some Zephyr and some of that Euroflax stuuuufff.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I have Zephyr envy. And shop envy. *sulk*

Geogrrl said...

Did you learn to do drop-spindling on your own, or were you taught?

I have Gibson-Roberts' "High Whorl Spindling" and was thinking of giving it a try. Any advice?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Geo, I'm mostly self taught. I have a local friend who spins and she's really helped me, plus I picked up some pointers from Morgaine at Carolina Homespun last summer when they were exhibiting at the Santa Monica Fiberfest.

I kinda just wing it. I probably should get some books and really read/understand what I'm doing. I just tend to learn better from doing/watching than reading. Now that I'm getting into plying and new fibers, I probably need to get more tips!

I love my Bosworth midi and I really love the Schacht Hi Lo spindle. I prefer bottom whorl to top whorl spindling.

Geogrrl said...

Any reason why you prefer bottom whorl? Better balance? Easier?

And thanks for the recs on the spindles.

I was asking who taught you because I prefer to stumble along on my own for a little while and get a "feel" for it. Then I'm ready for someone to show me how to correct my methods. If I don't have a basis, the instructions go in one ear and out the other. If I've been slogging away at it and someone then shows me a correction in technique, my brain says, "Oh, THAT's how it's done." Then I don't forget.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Geo, I like how it feels better with the top whorl. I love my Schacht Hi Lo though, it's a nice spindle, well balanced and you can use it as either a top or bottom whorl spindle. So I do play around with it as either sometimes, but invariably I lean towards top.

I think I learn the same way as you - Morgaine just sorta, 'adjusted' my technique for me and showed me and then things clicked for me. My friend who lives here does the same thing periodically. I have to do and then go from there.

There are, I think, some spinning quicktimes on the internet. I have not seen or used them, but I've heard people refer to them before, I think they're at

Geogrrl said...

Thanks muchly YP for the link!

BTW, I don't recall if it was you or another blogger (my life often becomes a blur). But someone mentioned how much they liked the "Odessa" cap in MagKnits by The Grumperina. I loved it and made the hat, and have struggled for the past few days to adapt the hat stitch to the flat knitting of a scarf. After much ripping, I've finally succeeded. If it was you and you're interested in the scarf adaptation, let me know.