Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why is it that whenever Mr. Yarnpirate and I try to have a "date night", one of the children invariably starts projectile vomiting, someone else misses the bus and we don't eat dinner until 10pm?

Why is that?

Is this Nature's way of insuring that we have no new children? Some twisted Universal method of birth control? Because I just want to say, Universe, I've got it handled. I'm on it. You can relax. Really, it would be fine. My OBGYN and I have discussed the matter thoroughly. We could skip the yakking portion of date night.

Will Mr. Yarnpirate and I EVER HAVE A DATE AGAIN??

This was probably way TMI but I have no knitting content whatsoever. So, you know, I thought I'd just announce to the world via my blog that there is projectile vomiting (and not a hell of a lot else) going on over here Chez Yarnpirate tonight. Because I'm sure you really needed to know that.

Y'all live for these little glimpses of our cosy family life, I know.

Right then. Carry on.


Lucia said...

It is truly said, "Children are angels who keep you from falling asleep and missing your life."

Living a full life may be overrated. Try to get some sleep.

Inky said...

it's the same mother nature that causes aunt flo to visit every time the rest of the household is gone or we have a chance to be alone for our own date night.

damn that mother nature already.

Ragnar said...

Until Father Time gets his viagra perscription refilled, Mother Nature is a jealous bitch that doesn't want anyone gettin' any if she ain't gettin' any.

Er...something like that anyway.

Jess said...

d'oh! we're still in the pre-child phase, but we did have our own projectile vomiting issues during one of my weekends-at-home-while commuting between DC and Boston in March. I came home on Friday night, he got sick on Saturday night (and so, of course I was up all night with him, poor guy), and then I got sick ON THE PLANE on my way back to DC, where there was no loving spouse to stay up all night taking care of ME.

I hope you get your date night in there sometime soon.

Elspeth said...

I know how that is (not the date night part, since we never find a babysitter) -- we've got two projectile vomiting this weekend!