Tuesday, April 04, 2006

When given the choice between the inlaws and traffic court, I choose..... traffic court. Especially as I haven't quite figured out how I want to handle the MiL after the Jew comments. So the inlaws are coming to take my mom for lunch (she is visiting) and I am going to handle a fix it ticket at traffic court.

I'm feeling a lot better. This whole respiratory thing has been horrible. I'm still coughing, I'm still not well but I am mending quite nicely, things are clearing up and I can at least walk around without getting short of breath now. Modern medicine is wonderful. Yay antibiotics that work! I've been thinking a lot about people who don't have access to health care in the past few days. Elsewhere in the world and here at home too. There are so many people in this country without access to medical care and adequate drugs because they lack insurance and public health is so over-extended in most areas. It bugs me. So I'm doing this, with thanks to my most excellent SP7 who posted about it in her blog this morning.

Use What You Have Month. Can you spend a month and buy NO craft supplies, no yarn, no buttons, no needles, no impulse purchases of anything at the craft store? No paper, no glue, no shiny things at all. I think I can. I'm gonna try.

I decided that since I'm so hot under the collar right now about lack of health care, at the end of the month I'm turning around and I'm donating what I think I saved (will probably average what I normally spend in a month) to Doctors Without Borders. Which they don't tell you to do, but it's kind of important to me right now.

In other news, I think I need to post a PSA educating non knitters about how to tell the knitters in their lives that they are expecting a baby. The way NOT to do this would be to call and say "We're having a baby! In two weeks!" thus giving the knitter no time to plan and knit something wonderful. Much better to schedule all pregnancies in advance, perhaps coordinating your calendar and due date with the knitter's, to best max out knitting convenience. Fortunately, when the non knitter in my life did this over the weekend, I was saved because I had the forethought to stash 3 skeins of Jaeger Siena after the last baby sweater. It is enough to knit another Rosebud Cardi. *phew*


Lucia said...

Your first sentence made me LOL! At work, yet. I still say your DH, her son, has to sit her down and tell her she is not allowed to disparage Jews in any way in your, his, or your kids' hearing if she wants ever to see any of you again, and even if she agrees to that there will be a cooling-off period.

Anyway. If we knit we will cool off faster. (How does making warm things make us cool off? It's one of life's little ironies.) I agree about babies -- except perhaps asking the prospective parents to schedule them years in advance might be going a bit far. Then again, do they want handknits or don't they?

I too want to donate to MSF. I know I can't do the craft-supply moratorium, though. There's just no way. Kind of like that song, "If Ever I Would Leave You."

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Lucia, she actually made the same comments to my mother today. My *Jewish* mother. Who did not have the same problem as me when it came to speaking up.


If it had meant I'd have seen that? I'd so have skipped traffic court.

Jess said...

Hmm... does using a gift certificate I already have count as spending? That's a topic close to my own heart; I went without insurance for three months after grad school, and it was really scary. I swear, I looked both way four or five times before crossing the street! I gave up and bought my own health insurance for three months after that, when I was about to become ineligible, and it was so expensive! I was making $21/hr, and even though I bought the cheapest plan, which didn't include prescription coverage, it was still burdensome. (Granted, I live in an incredibly expensive city and was repaying a loan I had taken out to go to Poland the previous summer).

I'm glad to hear you're doing a little better. One of the herbal tea companies (traditional medicinals, I think) makes a tea called Gypsy Cold Care, which tastes really good (to me, at least) and soothes coughing throat.

Geogrrl said...

Glad to hear you're getting better. I'd recommend Buckley's mixture for the cough--if you can find it, and if you can stand it.

I was wondering what would happen when your mother and MIL got together and whether your MIL would make similar remarks to your mother. Your MIL must be stupid, insensitive, or both. Heh. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall during THAT conversation.

Nearly finished the hat and scarf I was making my mother out of the magenta silk/mohair mix. There's enough left for another scarf/hat and I'm contemplating the Odessa hat, with bronze-coloured glass beads and a matching scarf.

I've also almost finished redesigning a cabled vest for DH, using Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' book and the original cable pattern. The original designer (and I)forgot that cables eat width. The number of stitches, in stockinette, were the correct size--but not in Aran cables. I realized this when I was halfway through the vest and tried it on DH. No way was it going to fit around. I frogged it and have been ignoring it for over a year.

Ragnar said...

Yer on your way to being a Rosebud Cardi pro.

And I'm so on the bandwagon for "use what you have" month, except that I already slipped up and purchased a new knitting bag. But I bought it at an army surplus store tho, and it's really more like a purse. So can I still play?

And can you recreate the conversation between your Mother and Mother in Law? It would be a public service.

Z said...

I am glad you're on the mend! I bet your mom will have plenty to talk about with the MiL :)

I lost a #3 needle last night and was forced to order a new set today. KnitPicks was cheapest...even WITH Joann's 40% off deal. Go figure. I cannot for the life of me find that fifth needle that I squirreled away somewhere so anyway, when the new set comes, I'll have two sets. I like #3's for socks. I'll live I suppose.

Oh yeah, the movie we saw at the Jewish Israeli Film Festival "Live and Become" was about a Ethiopian refugee kid who scammed his way into Israeli during Operation Moses and grew up to become a doctor in Doctors Without Borders. Great choice for your tzedakah!