Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We aren't having a seder.

We aren't going to a seder.

We are doing none of these things because last night after posting in her blog, Yrs. Truly thought, "I suppose I should figure out when Passover actually is and invite some people over and figure out whether or not I should toss the Cream of Wheat." and then promptly started watching a movie with Mr. Yarnpirate, got distracted and forgot all about it.

And um. That whole, having the seder thing? That'd be tonight. Yep. The calendar says so.

It should be noted that while I have at least four hagaddahs, the Santa Cruz Hagaddah, one that I can't read that is entirely in Hebrew, a feminist goddess oriented hagaddah and one for kids, I can't find any of them except the Hebrew one. WHICH DOES ME NO GOOD AT ALL. Because I can't read it.

I hope that G-d forgives me. I'm sure that G-d knows I'll be thinking about being free and exodus and slavery and all that even though we have no seder plate, no brisket, no chicken, and no bitter herbs and also the house is full of Barilla pasta that I got on sale for $1 a box, not to mention all the Cream of Wheat.

It is possibly ironic that I have all the stuff to fill Easter baskets in my closets and I got that all sorted out about a month early. Please note, we don't even celebrate Easter, I just really like the idea of egg salad and all those malted chocolate eggs, and baby rabbits signify Easter because apparently they stuck the cross into a rabbit hole and the brown of the chocolate reminds us of the death of Our Lord because it's the same color of the wood on the cross and the baby ducks are.... and also, I am on the moon, with Steve. And I was dead at the time. ciao*

Right then. My point here is, I'm completely unused to thinking in terms of the Jewish calendar. I'll get the hang of it by next year, I'm sure.


Geogrrl said...

Too bad. But, like you say, you'll be prepared next year.

Lucia said...

Joke: kid goes to priest for pre-confirmation session (whatever you call that, I don't do Christianity either). Priest gives him a little pop quiz: What is the meaning of Easter?

Kid says, the Lord was crucified and died, and they put him in a cave and rolled a big stone up against the entrance and left him in there (priest is nodding) but 3 days later he came to life and got up and pushed the stone away and came out (nodding, nodding) and... if he sees his shadow we get 6 more weeks of winter.

These cultural traditions are not easy to keep straight. I sympathize while being unhelpful.

Ragnar said...

Yeah, I grew up in a religion that has 19 months, and 19 days each, and I do try to respect my parents beliefs enough to wish them happy this and that...but I can't keep it straight.

Hey...364 more days to figure out your pasta problem! And God's all knowing right? So he knows your heart is in the right place.

Shannon said...

As the only vegetarian/vegan at the seder, I went home hungry (whereas my brother and husband are still groaning about how full they are). However, they did the ceremony parts in Hebrew AND English. That was swell!

Z said...

I'll remind you next year :)

Anyway, my SIL does her seder on the weekend following the first night for convenience sake.

And if you want a great haggaddah that is about freedom for all people and is short, sweet and to the point...well, never mind, I am mailing you both of the ones I got online. You'll love them.

And who says you can't sit down in the living room one night and read the story? That's really what it's all about.