Wednesday, April 19, 2006

proof that yarn people will make a cosy for *anything* in *any* theme, out of yarn.

Flying Spagetti Monster Dildo Cosy.

Had to rip back about 20 rows of the right front panel on the current Rosebud Cardi due to a stupid mistake I made while knitting at the dog park. Cast on again for Cam's socks in a new skein of yarn, the other was not making me feel happy. Otherwise, there is very little knitting news to be relayed here. 2 more pregnancies have been announced in my little community of goffic mamas and I gotta say. Guys. SLOW THE HECK DOWN. There are only so many little sweaters I can churn out here. Is it something in the water? Maybe it just seems so odd to me because my kids are so close to being grown. Admittedly, I started young. Maybe this mid 30's baby boom is normal. Whatever the reason, I'm going to be very busy knitting baby bat gear for the next couple of years, I can tell.

I am doing very well with the not buying any new craft crap resolution. So far, I figure I've Not Purchased about $25-$30 bucks worth of stuff. That is to say, stuff that I either picked up and had a reaaaally hard time putting down or bookmarked for May 1. That's actually not a lot of money, but I've been busy and not had much time to spend either online or in yarn stores. It hasn't been much of a challenge yet, but I'm starting to feel itchy. Sadly, that same lack of time means that I haven't had any free time to use up what I've already got. It's just sitting there. Can I survive extending this into May? How are y'all doing with that one?

My pal from SP6, the Jersey Knitter sent me a Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres pin! I have stuck it on my knitting bag and am feeling very happy to see it there. Thanks so much!!! It was a nice surprise!


Lucia said...

Mid 30s was when I and a lot of my friends had kids. It does seem like babies come in rashes (so to speak), though, doesn't it?

Ragnar said...

Wait wait...that link's not working for me and I have so many questions! Is it a cozy for the flying spaghetti monster's dildo? A cozy for a dildo shaped like the flying spaghetti monster? Is this just a regular spaghetti monster dildo...albeit one that flys?

Oh fine, I'll just google it myself.

Jill said...

At 31, I am thinking I am too old to have another child (yes, I am actually giving it more than a nanosecond of thought)...but I think my mindset is due to having an almost 15 year old daughter. :-)

Rabbitch said...

A Flying Spaghetti Monster Dildo Cozy? OK, now I can die happy.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Rabbitch, I know I'm feeling more fulfilled since I saw it!

BK, every so often I get this wild hare and think, "OMG, baaaaybeeee...." and it is usually just after holding someone's precious bundle and smelling the top of it's head. Then, I go home and my teenager is belching and the preteen is bickering and no one has cleaned the catbox again and someone asks me for money and what's for dinner and can I drive them somewhere and that is about when I snap out of the temporary baby madness.