Saturday, April 01, 2006

Probably not gonna be any blog content worth reading here for a few more days. I've been too sick to knit or spin or do much about anything. So I'm tucked up here with some hardcore antibiotics, inhalers and druuuugs while my immune system fights it out with the squid flu. Which is no longer squid flu but rather, the same old wheezy asthmatic bronchitis not quite pneumonia aren't you glad you got to the doctor before it turned into pneumonia again thing that I get every winter.

Everyone else gets a cold. I flirt with pneumonia. Is so unfair.

So while I sit here and contemplate my nailbeds turning blue, I leave you with a quick and humorous vignette.

Scene: We are ushered into the inner sanctum of a medical office, ie, the exam room. Yesterday.

The venerable Dr. enters, stage left, wearing a little paper mask. Masked, no doubt because he heard the sounds of PLAGUE emanating from within.

The younger child, who is keeping me company, says "Hey Doc, why're you wearing a mask?"

To which the good doctor replies, "To keep me healthy."

"Really?" Child looks a little dubious. "Does it really work?"

"Well if this doesn't work, I suppose I could pray to stay healthy." quips the doc.

Child says, completely deadpan. "No, I think that only works in the red states. Better keep the mask."

BWAHHHHHH. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, my youngest daughter. She'll be here all week. Don't forget to try the veal.


Lucia said...

LOL!!! Out of the mouths of babes.

(I can laugh, finally, because the stupid cat came down, finally.)

Inky said...

ahahaha--well "bless" her heart (in my most gracious southern voice).i love your kids, well done!!

hope you feel better. i too suffer from colds turning to pneumonia, so i feel ya.

Geogrrl said...

Too funny!

I hope you're feeling better soon. Man, there's got to be some way of building up your immune system so that near-pneumonia isn't a once-a-year thing.

Beverley said...


Sorry to "hear" you are sick!! I too get the flu in the chest. Only thing that has helped me is the flu shot each year and plenty of exercise as in walking. [Not doing so well since I got my driver's licence.]

Heh just think when you are feeling better plenty of time and an excuse to sit and knit.

Kids are great... have a way of way of saying "Nana, I love you.." just when you need it.

Take care - warm thoughts from down under

Z said...

I love that kid. I absolutely love her. Give her a big kiss for me and you get better soonest!

Susi said...

I got tired of P-neumonia every spring and got the Pneumonia shot. No more pneumonia! Still get a horrible cold, but no more bacterial pneumonia or bronchitis, only the viral kind. Hope it helps.