Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've gotten about 4" done on the first Cam sock. How did I accomplish this at last? Well I did it while sitting in the emergency room waiting for Em to get xrayed and then again today at the orthopedist's office. In the last 24 hours we have:

1. Been told that Emily broke her arm.
2. In two places.
3. By two emergency room doctors.
4. After a 4 hour wait.
5. In the hallway of the ER.
6. Had to wrangle an appt. with a specialist.
7. Who then informed us that the arm was not broken.
8. In either place.
9. And charged me another $150.
10. Not covered by my insurance.
11. Handed me an ace bandage.
12. And sent us home.

Em was sad because she wanted a blue fiberglass cast for her friends to sign and an ace bandage isn't as good as a cast. You can't sign it. It itches. It flops and sags. It looks "dorky". She would prefer not to wear it and if it is not broken why then does mother insist on ice and elevation? Please, there are people to IM, kthxbye. Except, maybe it hurts too much to do the catbox. Yes, sitting here on the sofa with an ice pack might be just the thing.

That's right. Two emergency room doctors misread her xrays and the orthopedist insists that she really just has some soft tissue injury and a deep bone bruise. For which we are grateful. Except I have to confess to a little bit of suspicion and anxiety about whether or not he's right and would like the hand of G-d to come down and write the answer "Broken" or "Not Broken" down for me so I know for sure. Because I am QUITE sure that it would be an accurate diagnosis. Because how could two ER docs be wrong? I suppose we'll know in a week when it is either healed or not healed, sore or not sore.

How did this happen? Miss Grace Incarnate fell out of a (parked) jeep.

The sock looks really good, though.


Lucia said...

Only 4 hours? I once made an entire hat while waiting in the ER for 7 hours, of which roughly 20 minutes involved actual medical stuff. They do that so that when they tell you (although in DS's case thank heaven the actual visit, CT-scan, what have you, was covered) to fork over a $50 copayment for the privilege of visiting their ER, you say "here! take it! please! would you like $100? just let us out!"

All of which is to say, I do sympathize.

Lucia said...

P.S. Two ER docs can most certainly be wrong. Unfortunately so can one grossly overpriced orthopedist.

Inky said...

i hate the medical system. i hate insurance more. bastards.

I hope that she's gonna be ok and that the non-broken status is still current.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Inky, thanks. She is actually able to do a little more with the arm today, I think the ortho was right. It does seem to be better today than it would if it were broken.

Lucia, the scary thing is? He LOWERED HIS RATES because he no longer takes ins. in his office (surg. only) and wanted people to be able to afford him.

The lack of affordable, community based healthcare for families is such an issue and I know so many people who tell their kids, "Don't get sick." because if they do? There's nothing that can be done for them. And that isn't right.