Friday, April 21, 2006

I think I may have mentioned that there is all manner of grandparental drama going on in the YP-verse, yes? Well, there is.

My paternal grandmother, bless her, is 94 and just very old and I think she is probably not long for this earth. So that is hard. We were once very close before she got very forgetful, and I love her to pieces. She's been the most important woman in my life for so long, she is the font of unconditional love and acceptance and I will miss her very much. I actually already miss her a lot because she doesn't remember anyone really and it's been a long time since I really got to be with her. I feel good that she is happy right now. She is living in a nice sunny place with plenty of help, there is bingo, and if she doesn't always know where she is, that's ok, the people around her are kind and gentle. I don't worry about her too much. She knows she is loved even if she can't always remember by who and she's had an amazing life. One day soon I'm sure we'll have to say goodbye. I want to see her again before that happens.

My maternal grandfather is having some serious troubles. I can't go into it here really, but suffice it to say the situation is emergent and all kinds of wrong. It has landed square on the YP's mother to handle all of it because she is relatively local to the drama. The YP's mother is a strong and wonderful lady, but the woman seriously needs a hug. Maybe some Xanax. Definitely a nice cold beer.

Given that my two remaining grandparents live not too far from one another as the crow flies, I am trekking up into California's Central Valley to visit them over the weekend. Mostly I'm going to offer my mom some moral support, a cold one and a great big hug. But I had to work some fiber in there somewhere, right? That's right, plans are afoot to visit my aunt's llama farm. Once there, I hope to shamelessly trade on our family ties and cajole, con, wheedle, beg (there might be tears) some fiber. There will definitely be llama pictures appearing here, in this blog, come Monday or so.

Fiber hopes aside, the weekend is going to blow ropy goat chunks. In spades.

The Handsome Cabin Boy is coming along on the road. Alas, Mr. Yarn Pirate cannot go. He and Machina Candeo will be busy playing with fire at a cemetary on Saturday - if you're in LA, go check out the Betty Blowtorch movie party at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. This is okay though, as Handsome Cabin Boys (hereafter known as HCB) are excellent for moral support and help with driving, also to see llamas and seeing as how the HCB is from Australia, he has not yet experienced the cow poo reek of the bovine infested middle of California. An experience not to be missed. We leave at 6am.

Good times. And if the back of the Toyota is not stuffed with llama at the end of it or if I have not even retained the promise of llama? I will be very, very sad. There will definitely be tears.

If you are in the Los Angeles area tonight, however, and want an experience that does not reek of cow poo, then please come to Synergy Cafe 'roundabout 8pm. There will be bellydancers, there will be music, there will be fabulous coffee and yummeh pastry and I will be there somewhere with a clipboard, safety pins and cat herding stick. You will know me by the black sari, stompy boots and somewhat harried expression. Come on out and say hi!

4455 Overland Avenue, Culver City CA (parking in the back).


Geogrrl said...

Alpaca.... *Sigh*

Sorry, I spaced. I've made it my life's mission to own as much alpaca yarn as I can.

No, it doesn't sound like a fun weekend, but your Mom will appreciate the hug and the moral support. And that's why you're doing it.

At least the llamas/alpacas will be fun for a visit.

Z said...

Man....why do I have to live on THIS side of the field?????

Lucia said...

Good luck to you and your mom... that's a tough one. The llama farm sounds nice though.