Saturday, April 29, 2006

I can find yarn anywhere.

For example. Last night at Fetish Disco, I spotted a grown man wearing a knit Spiderman bodysuit and a knit Mexican wrestler ski style pullover mask with a Guy Fawkes face/mustache done in intarsia (I'm guessing, I didn't actually ask to look at the workmanship.) Over this, he'd pulled a black velvet matador's jacket and a satin Chinese brocade hat with fake queue attached. A Kabuki mask completed the ensemble, however, he did not actually wear it, he just waved it around and held it over his bits while he danced. And. Um. Stuff. I think probably he was fairly warm, under all that knitwear.

I'm not sure what fetish that is and I'm not sure I EVER want to know.

I sure wish I'd gotten a picture because that was so You Knit What, if I had? I'd have totally won at the internets.

I also think I probably met all the knitters in the place. You could tell they were knitters because they had stuck knitting needles into their hair as fashion. I swear, it's like knitting radar. We seek each other out, we attract each other, it is knitting magnetism. Still, I think there needs to be a, I dunno, Secret Knitting Handshake. Neon sign. Something. We would rule the world.

Resistance is futile.


Inky said...

oh, i would have gone ahead and worn the Kabuki mask ON my bits!!

i'm still pondering how to incorporate knittin' in a tattoo. the crossed needles/skull/knit or die has been done (though i love it still).

Lucia said...

Tiny handknit beaded sock earrings? Ditto pins? I've been known to secure my hair with a circ when I forgot my scrunchie.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

You know, Inky, I think he was afraid that wearing it like that would have thrown his outfit RIGHT over the top.