Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am so excited. I turned the heel on the first Cam sock tonight! Zipping right along. While they may not be done before baby comes, they'll be done before baby is 2, of that I am sure! I've been so fraught about knitting for another knitter but I'm so pleased with these, I love the stitch pattern, feel confident that the workmanship is fine, the yarn choice is good and Cam will be happy with them. So that's making it easier! That's all I ever wanted really, and why I ripped them out so many times. They just had to feel right, that's all.

Fetish Disco at the El Rey tomorrow night! Which, for me, not so much on the fetish or the disco and some aspects of this thing are just a leetle too precious/scene for my taste. But the DJ's are reputedly quite good and I could use a night of dancing. I really just want to dance until they turn on the lights and play the "go home now" music. The rest of it can carry on around me. Really, I'd honestly rather stay home and knit but it's been so stressy lately that I'm really fighting the urge to over-hermit and slide into the doldrums. A night out with blinky lights and fabulous people will be a spirit lifter. I really do have to watch the hermiting though. When I start actively thinking up excuses not to leave the house? That's the time I really need to leave the house. I'll have all day Saturday and most of Sunday to chill out and knit because Mr. YP is off at XaraDulzura spinning fire till Sunday night.

Em's arm is doing better. Still very hurty, but I think Not Broken and the ortho guy gets a gold star on his chart.

Also, no picture alas, but please to welcome "Jake" to the planet, Jake who was born on Tuesday, weighed in at 7 lbs and who is getting a red Rosebud (as yet unfinished) cardi. Baby is reportedly thriving, healthy and doing great. Tiny miracles abound.

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Lucia said...

Good for you on the socks! I'm sure they will be wonderful and appreciated -- more, not less, by a knitter.

We can use all the tiny miracles we can get.