Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Gothic Bellydance DVD is now available from Tempest for the low low price of $20. And you get two of her fab magnets as a thank you gift. Now my SP7 spoilee might recognize some of the artwork here at Med Devi Ink by Tempest, and it is exciting to see her branching out into some new things. She is going on tour and if you get a chance to see her, you really should take advantage and go! She's a nice gal and is a very exciting dancer. I'm dying to take one of her workshops the next time she hits the So Cal area. I missed her classes at Convergence 11 last spring because I had to drive home early. Woe. Anyway, there's supposed to be some FABULOUS pieces on this DVD and I can't wait to see it. If you like bellydance or goth subculture, this is definitely a must-have addition to the DVD shelf.

Speaking of SP7, I believe I spilled that it was Shannon who was my super fab secret spoiler, but I never did tell who I was spoiling, and that would be Jess. Jess is a bellydancer like me and knits fabulous sweaters that I find inspiring. I had a great time being all seeekrut at her.

I really have no exciting knitting to discuss. I am about halfway through the decreases on the Rosebud cardi back and I just wound up the first skein of my Knitpicks laceweight (shadow, in 'vineyard') and cast on for the Hanging Vines stole by Sivia Harding which has been sitting in my projects pile for a while. I had a frogfest and the Go Everywhere cardi is no more. I suppose it may seem fickle, but I was really unhappy with it and would prefer to actually end up with a FO that I like and want to wear. A lace project sounds like just the thing right now anyway.

I am having a hard time not buying any craft supplies or yarn, shiny things are crawling out of the woodwork. Making that donation to MSF is going to be very rewarding. I decided that every time I get a serious yen to buy something and don't cave, the cost is getting added into the MSF total.

Today I did not buy $15 worth of fiber from Black Bunny Fibers.


Lucia said...

You are so good I can hardly stand you. What with Scout tempting me with Koigu and my friend Kathleen offering to sell me all her Esprit, I just know I'm gonna cave. But not too much to donate to MSF.

Let me know how you like the laceweight. That Vineyard color is calling to me too.

Jess said...

Aw, thanks! That's so sweet!