Tuesday, April 18, 2006

5 places

Five places that I have knit that are not my house or yarn store:

1. At any number of restaurants around the LA area.
2. Pool halls
3. Bars and goth clubs
4. At the dog park (this is probably my most frequent not at home knitting venue.)
5. At the beach, huddled under a parasol, trying to shield myself from the evil of the Daystar.


Lucia said...

All of those sound good.

You are so right about the dreads! What was I thinking? Every bride should wear some. (Well, every bride who can get away with it. It must be admitted that my DH is somewhat of a traditionalist.)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I think "get away with it" is the operative phrase!

I'm glad I didn't wear them, actually. It was juuuuust a shade classier than would be appropriate for dreads. It was at the Silent Movie Theatre in LA, an old original silent movie house/museum. They turned it into a club after the wedding and we were dancing in the aisles and up on stage *grin*