Wednesday, March 01, 2006

cropped shirt and socks

Why what could this be? This would be a COMPLETED pair of Trekking socks! Woohoo! And finally, sweet creeping zombie jeebus. I thought they'd NEVER get done. The socks are laying on (ignore the pile of schoolbooks, forms and paper) a tee shirt that arrived today via USPS from Franklin's CafePress shop which I have cropped partially to obscure part of the design because it's all copywritten and his property and I think he prefers people not to put his stuff up on their blogs (which makes sense it being his) but I wanted to show how COOL it is even in part. This shirt is funny, clever and I really think you should hurry over to his Cafe Press shop and buy one. Or maybe one of his other designs, he's got several and they're all teh shineh. Really.

Why are you still here? Why is your VISA card not in hand? WHYfor are you still reading this and not shopping for dancing sheep, knitting goddesses, and other clever goodies?

Okay fine, don't hang up. I'll hang up first.


Z said...

I love those soft and fluffy socks!!!!!! LOVE them!!!! Are those the "no appreciable" progress socks???

Lucia said...

Can we pause to admire the socks first? Great colors.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Thanks Z! Yes, these are the no appreciable progress socks. See, here is my theory. You knit and knit and knit and it seems like they aren't moving and then one night you put htem down and go to bed and in the morning, all that knitting magically adds up to sock, as if to say, "ha ha, fooled you!" and then you puff through the last inch of the sock as fast as you can because god forbid the process goes any longer, and then you frantically cast off as if you can't believe you are FINALLY DONE.... and there you have it. Sock theory.

Lucia, thank you, it is Trekking XXL sock yarn - the color changes are really fun and the yarn is a delight to knit and wear.