Thursday, March 02, 2006

Susie Bright speaks on South Dakota most eloquently.

"The governors' legislation is their idea of election-cheap moral posturing at the expense of the young, the poor, the isolated. Their hypocrisy is a killing floor, and it's the kind of blood they'll never wash off their hands. What do you say to men who promote a woman-hating ethos that never met a girl they couldn’t grind into a shallow grave? They don't even deserve my spit."

Here's the deal, kids. They start with some little podunk state like South Dakota but it isn't going to stop there. We simply cannot afford to hide our heads and say, "Well it's not here and those women can just travel out of state." because honestly, they can't. Not all of them, anyway. And then it'll be another state and then another state and soon it will be your state. Susie asks why there isn't some Lysistrata style uprising on the part of women everywhere when our politicians start pulling crap like this. Maybe she's got a point. Maybe a bunch of pissed off husbands and boyfriends who aren't getting any** will feel inclined to lobby their elected representatives. It isn't going to end with the life/choice issue. Okay? It won't stop there. These people want to dictate the moral compass of this country and from what I can see, they couldn't find true north if it was wrapped up in a gold bow in front of 'em and their lives depended on it. Your state next. Your lifestyle next. Count on it.

"These are such ugly times." They totally are.

**not work safe. not red state safe.


Ragnar said...

I grew up in Fargo, which had the distinction of having the only abortion clinic in North Dakota...which meant that all the zealots and crazies made bus trips there, kinda made me hypersensitive.

The problem with the Lysistrata option is that the people who are pushing through this legislation are mostly old white guys who can only get it up for Viagra. Why are we letting white guys over 60 make decisions about this? Why?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I don't know why white guys over 60 get to make this decision for us - frankly, I think we're letting them. And I agree, the Lysistrata option isn't going to impact the legislators personally - can you imagine Laura telling George, "no, not tonight honey, not ever, not till abortion is legal in South Dakota again." But it'd impact a lot of guys who vote for those 60 year old white men! Nice idea anyway, but yes, totally improbable.

And honestly, who am I to talk? My guy already votes pro-choice, already writes those letters, already is politically active on issues that concern him.