Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So maybe I was a little too freaked out about my not perfect seams on the baby sweaters, maybe a little too OCD, (though I still think that perfection isn't a bad goal to strive for with handknitting). Apparently the recipient of said sweaters (well, the recipient's mother anyway) is very pleased by them and via email to the husbandly type critter, said: "BTW, the sweaters and booties are incredible! Screw school! Rain should start a baby boutique!!!" Which makes me feel good. And that is helpful because today is one of those days that is shaping up to be maybe not the hottest and so anything positive is a bonus, right?

Speaking of perfection in handknitting, I got through the twisted rib and half the first chart of the embossed leaf socks last night before I realized that there was a ginormous error in one of the leaves and had to frog and ended up frogging the whole thing (again) and that is when the ball of yarn hit the closet door and maybe there were some very bad words and some dpns flying across the room at a high velocity which in turn worried the cat a little bit which in turn caused the cat to knock over a bunch of stuff on the dresser as he exited the scene rapidly which in turn made a big mess and which, in the end, did not help my dour outlook overall.

Lesson learned: Do not attempt to do charted knitting at Scottish Country Dance class. Too distracting.


Ragnar said...

For the record I think all us bloggities said that your baby clothes were awesome...'cause you know. They are.

You might benefit from the multiple knitting project philosophy. I have special mindless knitting projects for when I'm drinking, you might want to pack nice scarf for dance lessons.

And as they say down at the LYS, yarn is too expensive to just knit once.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

BWah! Too true. Well I'm really getting my money's worth on this skein of Bearfoot, I tell you what.

I know everyone said the baby items were shiny - I guess I had this latent fear that the recipient's mother might open the box and go "OH GOD WHAT CRAP!" or something. She didn't. She sent me measurements for her two older children. *grin*

Sometimes, my head, it is a strange place.

Lucia said...

Sympathy on the sock. I myself am currently cycling throught the following 4 stages:
1. Congratulate self on designing a lace pattern so easy to read from the work, I didn't need to chart it.
2. Notice ginormous error 3 rows down. Correct error by ladder if possible, by tinking if necessary.
3. Promise self to run a lifeline, then promptly forget.
4. Start cruising along enjoying pattern again.
Repeat ad nauseam.
(Do you know any cool Latin swear words? Last week on alt.language.latin someone posted asking for help translating a porn-spam email into Latin. I swear.)

Lucia said...

Oh, and baby sweaters? Tellement adorables, je ne peux pas vous dire.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Lucia, you and I sound like we're definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to the sock knitting.

I don't know any cool Latin swear words, which is a crying shame because I have always held that the driver who throws out the most bad words in the most languages during rush hour wins.

Z said...

I can see, um, how that would BE distracting!!!! The socks sound cool!!!