Monday, March 20, 2006

A really good way to beat the wanna shop for new yarn blues is to go through your stash and check out what you've already got. Odds are, the colors and fibers will suck you in and you might just rediscover something fabulous that you forgot you had.

Same goes for roving. I've been really ignoring the bin of roving I already own, so I've decided that I *must* finish spinning both pounds of the brown BFL and the white extra fine BFL that I bought from Copper Moon lo these many moons ago. Once those are gone, we'll talk about more roving. To that end, I set myself up with a little spinning basket that has a cover and that I can keep in the living room with my knitting bag, near the couch. I desperately need a set of handcards.

Victory. I haven't spent a dime today and I think I'm over the worst of the cravings.

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Lucia said...

Or something you need more of. That's what usually happens to me. Of course I am known to be irredeemable.