Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not a hell of a lot of knitting done lately. Not any, yesterday. There was unclogging of the tub drain, there was translation from French into English of tech documentation from hell (until 10pm! for money! excruciating! hell! next time I want TRIPLE!) but there was no yarn.

The new Special Teas catalog came and I perused and was a leeeetle disappointed in the scant organic offerings but there were some, at least. Not much labeled Fair Trade (okay, I found none) but then as I've discussed before in these pages Fair Trade certification isn't necessarily possible for a lot of these tea plantations. Many of them take very good care of their workers. A garden not being certified really doesn't necessarily bug me, I think with some of the TransFair rules being what they are, the gardens *can't* always get certified even if they meet all the ethical criteria. Anyway. Organic. Tea. Scant but present. So here you go, if you care about organic, you can support organic farmers in other places by buying some of this tea from the nice folks at Special Teas.

Sewpur TGFOP-1 Assam #248 the catalog says this is from one of the few certified organic Assam gardens. I'm gonna have to try this, I'm a big Assam fan.
Makaibari FTGFOP-1 Darjeeling #106 and also #147 - this is biodynamically grown and the garden gets rave press from all my tea drinking peeps.
Makaibari FTGFOP Silver Tips # 161 - if you try no other organic tea this season, try this one.
Koslanda OP #311 Ceylon
China Chun Mee #522 (green)
Green Clouds and Mist #581 (green)
Cui Ya Special Green #582
Organic Raspbery (fruit, no camellia sinensis) #748
Teas R Us (for kids) #749
Pure Rooibos #950
Pure Green Rooibos #750

There's more organic green teas from China than I remember seeing from previous years. I think the idea is catching on.

Now I have to go do more French technical writing. Merde.

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