Monday, March 13, 2006

Naturally, now that I've got a lot of stuff to take pictures of, the camera battery is dead. SO where's the fun in that?

My super secret pal #7 sent me a box and it came this weekend and in it was fabulosity!!! It rocked so hard!

There was a big-ass skein of 100% wool handpaint from Interlacements in a gorgeous, gothtastic colorway and there were two vintage buttons in silver and I am thinking that it wants to become something subtly lacy and elegant in a low cut cardi sort of shape. I'm not sure about the yardage though, it's not marked, so there is contemplation and I'm thinking probably the LYS ladies can help me figure out a close approximation of yardage. If I get a black wool in a similar gauge, I can use that to stretch out the fabulosity of the handpaint in whatever garment I end up making.

There were also rubber hair spiders and hair spider headbandy goodness and there were other shiny things in there as well such as the book about PIRATES and the pirate flag patch (yarrrrr!) that will go on my knitting bag.

Camera batteries tomorrow. Pictures. Pinky swear.


Ragnar said...

Wha? Wha? I want a super secret pal!

Damn woman, talk about booty.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

It was bootylicious, even. Move over Beyonce` and JLo!