Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mercury goes retrograde today and stays there until March 25th, fun! Prepare for communication glitches and mechanical issues out the wazoo! Now is not the time to start or learn any complex new techniques with yarn. SO if you've not cast on for that new project using that new technique you've never tried, maybe wait till April. Seriously. But never fear little knitters, there is one thing that Mercury retrograde is absolutely great for.


That's right, when Mercury ducks into retrograde, all of our awesome finishing powers come to the fore. This is a fabulous time for knitting the last few inches on those unfinished objects, for weaving in ends, for seaming and edging and otherwise clearing out the Gulag of Not Quite Finished Shame. Just consider the next 3 weeks and change to be a wonderful opportunity and ignore the fact that the fax machine just broke, your boyfriend isn't speaking to you, your teenager seems to be communicating in Swahili, your email is bouncing to Tahiti and the network went down. Again.


Sravana said...

Thanks for the note on Merc retrograde! Of course, my school has registration for the spring trimester on Saturday. Should be fun - not.

Lucia said...

Amazing how many knitters have recently said, now that the Olympics are over and Lent has begun, I'm gonna finish some stuff!