Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'll have pics tomorrow of a mostly finished sock, but here are some notes on the Embossed Leaves sock (IK, Winter 2005) thus far. The StR yarn has no halo, nice crisp stitch definition and it is just a joy to knit with. Could it be my new favorite sock yarn? Quite possibly a tie. The charted pattern is easy to remember and very simple after you get the hang of it. Because it's knit in the round, you don't read the even rows L -> R, you read each row R -> L. I know this may sound stupid but after knitting a bunch of lace from charts that was done flat this past summer, I had to sit and think about that one for a minute. As written in the pattern, the heel is constructed with a flap, a 3 stitch selvedge on each side, short rows and picked up stitches along the selvedge. I tried this, disliked the shape entirely and so frogged it and am doing the wrapped style heel that I normally do with my toe up sock construction. It's a great technique and works fine either direction - I like it because it's a little neater and I do like the diagonal seam which is reminiscent of store bought socks. This is a VERY fast knit, for me at least.

So that's where I'm leaving off tonight, with a turned heel and another 3.5 repeats of the pattern to go. The pair'll be done by the end of the week. I *love* this yarn and I love this pattern in this yarn and I'd planned to give them to my mom when she comes down at the end of the month but I really am leaning towards keeping them for myself and knitting another pair for her in the skein of Cherry Tree Hill "Martha's Vineyard" that I've got kicking around in stash. Once I've done Cam's in the Bearfoot of course.

This afternoon I caught the matinee of Nochnoi Dozor otherwise known as Night Watch. In Russian, with English subtitles. This is being billed as an utterly edge of your seat, supernatural, vampire, gorefest epic thrilling horror movie. I was very ambivalent about seeing it as I am ordinarily not a huge horror fan and have a low threshold for violence/gore/fear in films. Apart from two scenes near the beginning (one which pinged my spider phobia and another which was just nauseating) there was nothing uncomfortably scary and nothing gorier than what one might see on CSI. I enjoyed the premise of the film, I like the story - epic struggle between good and evil, after a long truce the balance is tipped and the Final Battle looms with each side doing their best to tip the scales. Truly archetypal stuff going on both with the theme of the story and with the characterizations on each side. The execution of the story was disappointing, I didn't much care for how the movie resolved the major conflicts, nothing was fleshed out, the characters didn't really seem to struggle, very trite or convenient solutions, some deus ex machina going on - which I'm sorry, but filmmakers? You just cannot throw in a deus ex machina as a "get out of thinking this through free card". I felt it was way too easy in the end. I know it's part of a trilogy, but it didn't stand alone too well and I do think that if you're going to film (or write) serial installments, it's just good storytelling to have each installment stand alone. I'm invested enough in the story to want to see the other two installments, but I'll wait to catch 'em on Netflix.

What did not suck was that we saw it at the Vista in Los Feliz which is one of the oldest filmhouses in Los Angeles. The Vista is this gorgeous Art Deco styled Egyptian themed theatre with LEGROOM and it only costs $5 to see a matinee. They've put in modern seating but in old fashioned proportions, which means you're not crammed in like sardines and I do like that. Plus, did I mention $5. The Arclight may have a bar, coffeebar, gift shop and restaurant and three snackbars but it costs upwards of $14 a ticket and they don't have gilded pharaoh heads, deco lilies, red velvet curtains and plush scarlet carpets. And I ask you, the age old question... who needs a latte at the movies when you've got stylized gilded cobras painted in the loo?


Ragnar said...

Oooo...there was a fancy old theater (on a much smaller, shall we say even "midwestern" scale) in Fargo...mirrored tile everywhere and a pipe organ that rose out of a pit in front of the screen...heavy velvet curtains etc. And a balcony...which we used to throw popcorn off of (we were 12 and hey, popcorn never hurt anyone...that I know of).

Sigh...I miss watching movies in an actuall theater...instead of a concrete box.

Sock porn! Post your sock porn!

Lucia said...

There was an old-style theater right near where I lived as a teenager. It and the block of apartments next to it were mysteriously gutted by fire, right in the middle of a legal battle over razing them to put up a glass-and-brick office brothel.