Sunday, March 05, 2006

I think the problem is that I am so very nervous to be knitting for another knitter who has mad skillz with yarn. Yes, have ripped out Cam's WHWIR socks yet again. It's okay though. You know what? I'm just going to do them in the leaf lace pattern from IK because that's a fabulous sock pattern and will be wonderful in this yarn and probably far better than anything I could innovate on my own and plus, there are directions. And then Cam will finally have her socks. Maybe when the baby is like, six. I have issues, I really do.

Reading Girl From Auntie's very insightful breakdown of the Harris Tweed kerfuffle going on and her analysis of the open letter from Alice Starmore posted on Virtual Yarns was very interesting. All that fascinating surfing aside (because, well, not my beef) it was interesting to go through the site. I'd never looked at any of Starmore's designs before and wow. Just, wow. There's some fabulous stuff going on there. Not for me, not at my skill level, not yet, but one day, I would sure like to try my hand at one.

Today is Oscars in Hollywood. And I am attending a NOT Oscar oriented party, but sadly it is about 4 blocks from Hollywood and Highland (which is where the Kodak Theatre and Oscar site is located). Consequently, I will have to deal with Oscar traffic and street closures and f*ckmuppetry to get there, which does not make me happy. See, what the City of Hollywood does is block off most of the major streets around the theatre, this is so that the limos transporting the Oscar attendees and stars do not get stuck in traffic, so that the show starts on time with nobody dashing in at the last minute saying "Gosh, sorry, the 405 was a mess and you would not beLIEVE the snarl on Melrose."

This makes it very hard to get anywhere in Hollywood if you are not in one of the aforementioned limos.

I have to get up there at roughly the same time as most of the Industry because the party starts around the same time as the red carpet coverage and star arrivals.

I am not looking forward to the commute.


Z said...

You ripped them out AGAIN?! Girl....

F*ckmuppetry?! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Except, Z, you will be SO PROUD you will be verklempt because I successfully cast on from the *TOP DOWN* and have completed an inch of k1p1 ribbing and am almost ready to begin the lace portion of the sock!


It is a new technique and I have done it!

The Olympics have thrust me from my comfort zone, truly.

Ragnar said...

Who will appreciate the effort involved in homemade socks more than another knitter? Don't stress...she'll love them.