Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Have tossed and turned all night long. Horrible. I don't want to be the girl who details every single symptom but this one I gotta talk about cos it's a first for me.

Knitting nightmares.

I've been tossing all night and in my feverish dreamstate, knitting a sweater out of appallingly scratchy, ugly, brick red wool. I hate to say anything insulting about wool but this wool is ugly and has all manner of VM spun into the yarn and pricks and hurts when you knit it. The Lurking Dream Sweater will be a bitch to wear. The Lurking Dream Sweater that would not end. Round and round and round after round on the sweater, hereafter known as TLDS. I wanted to wake up but I couldn't because if I did, the TLDS would unravel, and then I'd have to reknit it. I finally managed to force myself to sew up the front for steeks so that I could wake up. I woke up whimpering for sweater mercy.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see the scratchy, brick red, VM laden hell just waiting for me on the other side of sleep. Hell is badly processed wool, apparently. And everything hurts. SO I'm up, taking my temperature (102! Warm! Achy! Possibly contagious!) and some advil and Robitussin and then I guess I'll go back to bed and fall asleep and ait'll be time to cut the steeks on that mofo. Though really I'm just hoping The Lurking Dream Sweater Of Doom goes away, ok? It's too bad I can't take a picture of TLDSOD (yes, I added 'of doom' to heighten the dramatic tension here) because it really is a horror worth recording.


We who are about to dream steek, salute you.


Lucia said...

There's a virus that's been making its way through my group at work. Sounds like it's working both sides of the country.

I think your subconscious is answering the question, "if my MIL were a sweater, what kind of sweater would she be?" Why your subconscious wants to know this I cannot tell you. I wish you better dreams, or none.

Inky said...

I hope you dream of lovely, soft socks and you can sleep on piles of them!!

Feel better!

Geogrrl said...

Yeek. Here's to better knitting dreams.

I've had knitting dreams, but it's mostly because my brain was in the throes of working out a design. I go to sleep dreaming of stitch counts, increases, decreases, sleeve and neck details, and dream of them most of the night.

Ragnar said...

Maybe it's a metaphor for your scratchy throat? Your stuffy nose? Something like that. I think you just have to finish that sucker and you'll be released from bodily suffering.

Feel better soon. Try ass tasting tea, I think it makes the disease causing beasties to retreat in misery.