Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why we loathe the LA Times

LA Times article,1,7751655.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Forget the maiden aunt putting together an ill-fitting sweater for her favorite nephew. Enter the gay/lesbian/straight/punk/Goth/hipster/ex-corporate exec who's just finished knitting a fuzzy pink-and-black hat emblazoned with skull and crossbones.

Articles like this make me feel like an exhibit in a zoo, somehow. "Mabel, look! She's got BOOOTS on and obviously is one of those $whatever$ and look, she can STILL KNIT, well I never, it's like when they sent that chimp up to the moon what'll they think of next?" Not to mention articles like this totally exclude all the SnB knitters who AREN'T /queer/hipster/glbt/goth/punk/alt.spagetti monster which would be a hell of a lot of them, thanks. Who, regardless of their orientation, personal style or number of labial piercings, happen to knit more than fuzzy skull bags, who are maybe serious knitters. And thank you, ill fitting sweaters? You should be so lucky to have a maiden aunt who loves you that much. We're all just folks and we want to chill out with yarn on a Thursday night and maybe drink some wine and why is this news? It just feels like a patronizing pat on the head, this article. It's also not exactly NEWS. Hey, what was the body count over in Iraq again? I'm sorry, what was up with SCOTUS? Gonzales said what about the President's wiretapping being ok? Oh never mind, I'll just read this here cute little human interest story about freaks with yarn making trite shit out of MUPPET FUR. For f*ck's sake. You wanna talk about yarn, go review some yarn stores and tell me where I can go locally to get good deals on superwash merino. Tell me something I *don't* know.

Obviously I am in dire need of something better to do than sit around on the internet getting worked up over insignificant LA Times articles. Perhaps say, the long-overdue laundry.


Ragnar said...

Don't know about local, but I can give you a great sorce for mail order superwash, but their website is down at the mo.

And no sista! Yer not alone in your loathing of the "holy crap who let them out of the knitting asylum" human interest stories. If I want to knit socks with skulls on them, and hats with their own dreadlocks, then bugger off and let me. Kay? Or I'll poke you with this here sharp stick I keep soon as I'm done with this row.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

*dies* I said that to one of the kids the other night.

"that's it. I'm poking you with my sharp pointy stick. Um. As soon as I'm done wiht this cable."

ah, knitters humor.

Lucia said...

Think of it as structured procrastination.

It does get old, doesn't it? If you had a life, I would say to them, you would be knitting instead of writing inane human-interest stories.

I think I am on a roll with word verification. This morning it gave me fuyku; now I get osuckolw. Must be just my innate sweetness.

Ragnar said...

I just got zgodw...and I never knew he was the dubble-uing type.