Sunday, February 12, 2006

What do you do when you realize you HATE the yarn you picked for your Olympics sweater because it is cotton, COTTON, and shows every little flaw, all the uneven tension in your purl rows (why is my purling tension so off??) and well, it just looks a fright?

Frog it and substitute sock yarn? *ponders* Keep going? *frets* Whine?

I think I'll take "whining" for $500, Alex, thank you.

The next time my mouse hovers over "Superwash merino fingering weight" and my brain says, "Oh no, you don't want that merino wool, get the COTTON YARN because that's what the pattern book said to use." remind me to go slam my head in the closet door a few times.


Ragnar said...

Do it for team goth! Let that cotton yarn add to the gothness of it all, it is pink right? Because suffering over pink yarn would be vara vara goth.

Z said...

Keep going. Flaws and all. The Olympics isn't about being pretty. It's about getting the job done...flaws and all.

Go Rainy Go Rainy Go Rainy!