Friday, February 17, 2006

Talk about yer learning curve... I just downloaded Rogue and clicked "Place Order" on 16 skeins of Merino Style in "moss" from Knitpicks. So I'm totally committed now. I overordered the yarn by about 2.5 skeins but you know, better safe than sorry, right? There is much excitement. I know Rogue is a pretty advanced pattern but I love cables, they don't throw me and I'll swatch the charts till I get the hang of these. I've read that GfA gives excellent pattern support and that her patterns are some of the best written ones around, which is why I picked it for a first sweater.

It's very exciting to start picking projects based on what they can teach me and how I can grow as a knitter from it. For me, that's really a huge part of doing this. It can be a totally static craft, but it doesn't have to be and offers a lot of challenges if you want that.

Having cast on for the right front panel of the current confection, I should probably get back to it.


Franklin said...

One of my friends wore her Rogue to Rhinebeck and it was truly one of the cleverest, most beautiful designs I've ever seen. Everybody I know who has made it loved the process AND the rare is that?

Lucia said...

That Rogue looks gorgeous. I might want to do that one myself, assuming that I actually finish the Trellis. The Trellis has lots of cables. It is also very small. Very, very small, I keep telling myself. Breathe.