Monday, February 13, 2006

SO things at Casa Yarnpirate just took a major turn for the worse and the next few weeks are going to be interesting - in the Chinese sense of the word. Mr. Yarnpirate is down for the next two weeks at least. Flat. Bedrest. Total and complete. I think I'll be one frazzled scallywag by the end of it all.

Also, I lost the book that contains the pattern for my Olympics project and I've hit the section with the decreases.

When the Olympics are over and this damn cotton baby sweater is finished? That finishers button is getting PRIDE OF PLACE on my blog.


Ragnar said... is no fun to have a bedridden yarnpirate around, all that "hun, could you bring me some more grog," and "this sea biscuit is too hard."

Inky said...

I'm sorry Mr. Yarnpirate is down for the count. Hopefully he enjoys mid-day television and will leave you alone a bit.

As for the finishers button -- i was thinking of having it tattooed on my forhead!!

Z said...

I hope it's nothing too serious for your glitter lovin. flame spinnin' Mr. Yarnpirate!

And word UP on that last statement...word UP!