Saturday, February 25, 2006

olympics sweater plus booties
The Rosebud Cardigan from Simple Knits For Cherished Babies knit from Jaeger Siena cotton 4-ply, in "phlox". Mother of pearl shell buttons. Matching garter stitch slippers, embellished with silk ribbon and glass beads. Done. May have Seams Of Lameness, but I did it my very own self and what do I want, a freakin' medal? Well. Yes.

Also, I mentioned how much my SP7 rocks, yes? I offer visual proof for the unconvinced.

*Having been given a well meaning "caution" about the advisability of glass beads on baby shoes, allow me to simply say this. I am not an idiot. 'k? Not only that? I'm an experienced mother of two, whose children survived the perilous and fraught baby choking years just fine, thanks. Largely due to my ability to discern and remove such hazards from their path.

Thank you for your concern. For f*cks sake.


Z said...

Yay Rainy! I knew you could do this girl (even if you DID nearly freeze to death at the end!) Go Team Kvetch! We brought home the double gold!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

*grin* we win!

Z said...

Oh yeah and frankly, I think knitted on beads would be FAR more durable and babysafe than let's say...glued on ones like you find at Wally World. I didn't even think twice when you mentioned that. There are ways to embellish things safely for cripes sake and securing them on with YARN is one of them.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Yeah, definitely. Buttons, put on with yarn. Not coming off. Beads? Individually sewn on with silk beading cord, each one is knotted off individually and EVEN if the baby (at the tender age of 3-6 months) managed to exert enough pressure to pry one of those beads off there? It's like, smaller than a peppercorn. So. Not. Worried.

Jill said...

Gorgeous! Way to go! Fantastic first attempt! And I would love to have those booties for *my* feet!