Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reality BITES

It occurs to me that I will NOT be casting on or starting my Olympics sweater on Friday night because I will be working on Friday night until about midnight at our troupe's big dance thing, doing henna. Bother. We've already established that henna and yarn don't mix. When I'm not doing henna, I'll be running around doing stage managerial type things such as, yelling at sound guys, pinning people into their belts and locating veils. Because that's what I do. I herd cats. Cats, in flashy, beaded bra and belt combos. Well, in a manner of speaking anyway.

So, hey, if you're near SoCal, come on down (or up) to Synergy Cafe in Culver City on this Friday night, 8 to midnight. Harissa Bellydance is performing! I'm doing henna! No cover at all. It'll be a great night, great dancing and the cafe has great coffee and pastries, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Just ignore the fact that I'm not knitting.

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Z said...

I am starting to panic. I am looking at circular needles. I am shaking. I think I peed myself.