Thursday, February 16, 2006

Now that things are settled a bit, I can go into a little more detail about the malaise that has Mr. Yarnpirate in its grips. Los Angeles County is in the middle of a massive Hepatitis A outbreak which they've managed to trace back to a couple of restaurants and lettuce from a major produce supplier to the area and hey, guess who eats out every day and favors great big healthy salads for lunch? So he came down sick about two weeks ago and we got the official diagnosis on Monday and it's been a little bit crazy in the meantime.

Today, the little pirates and I, who are as yet healthy, all traipsed down to the county health dept. (think depressing 3 story post-Communist block style building, with a pink stucco facade) and have received our doses of immune globulin goblins. Now to get immune goblins, you get herded into a tiny room, you stand there for a while, a nurse comes in and tells you to drop trou and then you get stuck in the butt and then you are done.

The children were appalled. I think that where the nurse was sticking the needles bugged them more than the actual needles.

I had to go first to quell the mutiny.

Then, this being LA, we all had to stop at Starbucks for a restorative grande non fat marble mocha no whip macchiato, after.

So now we will either not get hepatitis at all or we will still get it but not as badly. I am reliably informed by the powers that be that if, after lining up and getting needled in the arse, they still get sick, a coup will be staged, a new captain will be elected and I am walking the plank.

Being the only able bodied adult on board, I am maintaining the children's activities, homeschooling, taking care of that sick guy of mine and kinda just trying to keep things around here on an even keel. Consequently, I am bone tired and not getting a whole hell of a lot of knitting done. I am so tired, I missed Project Runway last night, in favor of sleep.

I have learned more about viral and bacterial transmission of disease in the last few days than I ever wanted to know. But here's the thing. Avoid salad bars. I know they look yummy. Avoid 'em. Eat hot foods hot. Cold foods cold. Wash your veggies and produce at home, yes even those pre-bagged salads. Wash your hands. Pray your gods that everyone else is washing their hands, too. And remember there's always immune goblins and a public health nurse just waiting to poke you in the arse.


Z said...

BIG time. I hope Mr. YP is feeling better. And I hope you guys don't come down with it. Nasty little ailment.

Jill said...

*Hugs YarnPirate*
Hey kiddo, I can relate quite a bit on both being a caregiver...and a hepatitis scare. A few years ago, my mother had a scary strain of hepatitis, neither A, B or C - instead some random vowel. It was just me, my daughter and mom - therefore, I know how it feels to have to do 'every day life shit' - and plus no matter how busy or how not busy you are, the stress is still on your mind. If we lived closer, I'd help you out in a heartbeat.