Sunday, February 05, 2006

My gauge swatch for the rosebud cardigan is currently being washed. Pre-washed I am spot on for gauge which makes me really happy. My LYS did not have any #2 circs in bamboo so I got a pair of Addi turbos to try out. My goodness they're fast. I'm not usually a fan of metal needles but I don't hate these as much as I thought I would. The slippery cotton (I am using Jaeger Sienna) with the metal needles is making things a little bit of a challenge, but overall, I'm pleased with my results. Jury is still out but initial impression of the Addis is generally favorable. I don't exactly think they're sex on a stick and I don't quite get why certain knitters I know get all flushed and pink at the thought of 'em but yeah, okay, they don't suck and I could see the benefit of having a set or two.

I'll probably be done with the Trekking socks in the next day or two, I've got Cam's socks yet to finish and the baby sweater is done. It's weird not to have a ginormous pile of unfinished projects in the basket, though I've still got a couple of felted bags to finish up as yet. Hard not to just cast something new on. I really am itching to get started on the rosebud cardigan, waiting for the flame to be lit is going to be challenging but I will play fair. I guess the next 5 days could just be considered my own personal Finishing Olympics and we'll leave it at that.


Ragnar said...

I confess to being one of those knitters that loves my Addi-turbos with a somewhat unseemly passion...and I don't see what would be so great about sex on a stick either.

I have a good excuse though, I knit so tightly that wooden needles snap and bamboo gets all frayed on the end and starts to catch the the crystal palace bamboo needles have that little hinge on them and it squeaks and drives me even more insane than I already am.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I have to say that my love of the addis is increasing exponentially. Unable to resist playing with them or with the Jaeger Sienna, I've made a pair of booties to match my Olympics sweater that cannot be started yet. They do grow on you!

Crystal Palace needles make me batshit. I prefer Takumi, they don't squeak and I've never had a join break yet.

Ragnar said...

The only problem with the Turbo's is their so freakin' expensive...and of course I'm all about this two needle sock technique, so I need (drum roll) twice as many needles!