Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's like the all baby all the time show around here.

garter cardi
Well here it is, the finished, no really, it's finished, garter stitch cardi with buttons, I swear these are the last buttons, I've only changed my mind about 4 times but this is it I swear. Though dammit, my seams look like ass and I can't figure out why. I did a "simple overstitch" like the book said. Methinks that it is time to take a class in finishing techniques and ask my LYS ladies about seaming sweaters. Hey, a splendid learning opportunity, who knew! They're so abundant on the ground. It pisses me off that the seams look like such shite, that there are errors in the cardi at all, because I do take pride in doing a *good* job and in good craftsmanship. I suppose that we all have a learning curve, but I don't like it when something I've made doesn't live up to my own standards.

I know I said I wasn't going to cast on anything new before the Olympics, but I really did want to just, get used to, um, the yarn. And those Addi turbos. Yep. Training. That's it. SO I made these little sweeties to match the sweater.
fairy slippers
These are slippers made from the same yarn as my Olympics sweater. I added some little glass beads to the toes and it gives them a nice sparkle. All I have to do now is hit the LYS to get some organza ribbon to make ties at the ankles. For the olympics sweater, I think I'll use a smaller version of the same bead and the same organza ribbon and do a tiny bit of ribbon/bead embroidery on the front. I found some very subtle mother of pearl heart buttons to use so the overall effect will be really pretty. Not going for overkill here, just, special. I'm absolutely hitting my LYS for help when it comes time to seam this sucker up because this one is gonna be *perfect*.


Ragnar said...

You need to find yourself a finishing guru, someone you can run to when the puckers start to appear.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

totally. Something. I mean, as a very first effort, I'm pleased. It looks like a first effort. Rock. I did it. Subsequent efforts will be much better but a finishing guru would so help that process along!

Z said...

I see myself running screaming to Michaels during the O-lympics for help. I won't be home Friday evening so I will have to stay up all night to get those socks started.

BTW, I absolutely adore those booties - soooo cute!!!! And your sweater is just fine! Excellent for a first go...I should do so well with these ruddy socks!

Hey do we have a Jewish Team button yet? I'll make one. How about Team Rugelach? Team Matzah Ball? Team Magen David? Bueller? Bueller?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Z, there's no reason why you can't practice casting on and working with the yarn and dpns before the olympics. Just, frog it before the flame is lit for the big start!

Z said...

True. And I am all about Team Kvetch :) I'll see about stylin' us a button :)