Friday, February 10, 2006

I cut the hell out of my left index finger last night chopping lemons. Alton would be so disappointed in me because I was not paying attention to Safety First.

Normally this wouldn't bug me but, left index finger? I knit Continental. And the Olympics kick off today. Because we love irony.

It is hard to knit with a band aid on that finger. Plays merry hob with my tension. Though it was pointed out to me that I am knitting for Team Goth and having a huge knife wound on my yarn feeding finger will add angst to the process and that is gothic and sad. Then it was pointed out that I could score more Goth Points if I dipped my yarn in lemon juice. A few more salient points might have been pointed out and then I maybe whipped out The Knitting Needles Of Pain and Instruction and points stopped getting made.

"This here is the Sweater of Eternal Sadness. It is a superwash merino yarn imbued with my personal agony, mixed with drops of my own blood and the long, slow tears that I wept into the fabric."


Inky said...

Sheesh and I was going to just poke my eye out with a size 2 bamboo needle, you damn gothic drama queen :)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

as long as it was the #2 bamboo Needle Of Angst, I think you're golden.