Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A frigid Arctic chill has fallen over Southern CA and it is 52 degrees outside right now as I type this. I have had to wear a jacket several times this week. My hoodie is insufficient. So is my favorite green emo sweater. TOO COLD. I think it is even colder than 52 degrees because we have had windchill. Seriously, there was so much wind at the dog park the other day, I had to wear a scarf and there was FROST on a friend's brother's cousin's car somewhere in the valley, I heard from my father in law. We are huddled in sweaters and wool socks, and my hands are so cold it is hard to knit. Frozen. Can't think, I'm so cold. Three dog night kind of cold (well one whippet and two cats, but you get the idea.) I had to quit knitting tonight because my hands were frozen and I am SO close to being done with the tiny sweater, I really would hate to lose my Olympic bid on account of weather.**

Shut up, you Canadians. Stop laughing. Really. I mean it. Stoppit. It's cold. It has been cold for DAYS. We've had like, a whole week of this frigid crap and hello, so over it. I would like our "cold month" to be done now and lets all move on into March quickly kthxbye.

Project Runway recap: Guadalupe, on drugs. Andrae, WTF? And that's when the windchill drove me out of the living room and into the bedroom where the down comforter lives so I missed the end. But the kids filled me in.

My 15 y/o, re Guadalupe: "I'll have what she's having."

My 11 y/o re Guadalupe: "I think she took a muscle relaxer. *pause* Well. Five."

11 y/o re, everything. "WHERE THE HELL IS MY CHIFFON???"

**it is possible that I might have lost valuable knitting time today because I spent several hours playing with my new toy, Library Thing which rocks like a big geeky thing.


Atla said...

*cries* It was 12 degrees here in southern TN a few days ago. It was 50 degrees yesterday and everyone was commenting on how nice the weather was.

Ragnar said...

Uhm...okay. I grew up in Fargo North Da-fucking-kota. There were times that you could go outside and blow soap bubbles and watch them shatter on the sidewalk, and of course the ever popular throwing a glass of water and watching it freeze before it hit the ground. So...uh...yeah, no sympathy here. *cracks whip*

Bring home the gold! Knit that baby sweater and no more boo hooing.

dan said...

I learned many years ago to not complain about the weather (well, I try not to).
Guadalupe was a total freak. And of course, Tim Gunn pegged her perfectly. I was trying to figure out what exact drugs she was on.

Z said...

Oh get OVER it! 52 is, like, SUMMER! This is the OLYMPICS! Knit through your pain! You CAN finish WILL finish this. DON'T be Lindsey Jacobellis...and screw it up with the finish line in sight!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

you are all completely unsympathetic to my plight. Woe. I place my hand to my forehead and I shiver at you.