Thursday, February 23, 2006

Foxy aka the younger sibling who I never had but wish I did, has succumbed to the lure of sticks and string and fabulous luxe yarns. I have known Foxy for many years online and in real life and we have shared many things such as bottles of wine, utterly silly D&D campaigns, way too many late nights on IRC, vintage port, a lot of pizza and a deep love of books. Oh, and wine. We both like the vino. It makes me happy that we get to share yarn and knitting too, Foxy appreciates well made things and nice materials and I know he's going to do shiny things with this craft. Especially now that he's past the Red Heart and Fun Fur I-Can't-Learn-To-Knit-With-Nice-Yarn phase and is now a fan of things like wool, superwash merino, fancy laceweight, etc. I am so excited by this fact that I might even forgive him one day for knitting me a Muppet for Christmas. He should bring down some vintage port when next he visits, to smooth the process. Just sayin.

See the Muppet?

I just wanna say that y'all are completely without sympathy for my poor, blue, frozen digits. However I have sucked it up and am gamely knitting away on that last teeny sleeve. I may even have this thing finished by tomorrow at 2, go figure! It continues to be positively Arctic here in LA, I just want you all to know. Brrrrrr.

There was also a SP7 package ON MY DOORSTEP today when I went out to check mail and I am squeeful. Thank you Super Secret Pal! I love it! I can't find the card for my camera so I am going to post a lovely picture in a separate post, but I wanted you to know I got it and it's fabu and thank you, it was all quite the shiny!


Inky said...

Clearly it was a good mail day for california girls!!!

Z said...

Just so you know? It's going to be 12 tonight. As in degrees. As in FAHRENHEIT degrees. And a wind chill...forgot that part...of (ready...wait for it...) BELOW ZERO!

And we'll be coming back from shul in it!