Thursday, February 09, 2006

Enter dust bunnies.

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There was precious little knitting done today, however there was some hunting of dust bunnies and I've been enjoying the scent of lemon Pledge. I love the scent of lemon Pledge. It evokes the memory of feeling of being close to my mother during my childhood and because she did not live with me past toddlerhood, those moments were particularly shiny. I'd visit her house and I'd BEG and she'd hold out for a while but eventually she'd pull out the paper towels and Pledge and let me dust her coffee table and bronze chess set. The pawns were owls and the other pieces were all antique looking statues of Greek gods and goddesses, with wee Trojan Horse knights. I loved that chess set. I would spend a long time carefully dusting each piece and then I'd do the shelves and all her knick knacks. It was, I suppose, a way of getting to know my mother better, handling all the little bits of flotsam and treasure that she kept around.

Now if I could only find something equally compelling to make me feel more cuddly about vacuuming or doing my laundry.

What about you? Any household products or scents that routinely bring you a good feeling because it brings back memories of doing something with a parent or loved one?


Z said...

Pine Sol. My mother only cleaned when my grandmother was coming and then I'd come home to a scent of Pine Sol and a fabulously clean house and food and my grandmother would be there!

Inky said...

Mine is Lemon Pledge as well. It makes me remember dusting all that dark, "Mediterranean" furniture that now I just WISH I had. Black slate panels, lot's of dark metal doo-dads. And two horrid, but wonderful black velvet paintings. It was all very "El Cid" at our house. And she wonders why I'm a freak. Tho, I blame having to read National Geographic as a kid (in the 60's mm-kay), that and they dragged my child ass all over cemeteries/palaces in spain. hmm, kind of a long comment to say Lemon Pledge, lol.