Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Confession. I am a huge, big, closet Project Runway fan and I cannot hide it anymore because I love it too much. *stares at nubs which were fingernails*

Curse you, Project Runway. Curse your addictive, bitchy, FABULOSITY.

I have a few searingly relevant, insightful thoughts to pass along after this week's episode. Ahem.

First and most important, I don't know WHAT those judges are thinking, passing Santino every week. I will be celebrating loudly when he is voted off the island. LOUDLY. The noise you will hear is going to be me, with something bubbly, and it will top anything my neighbors have EVER dished out on New Year's Eve. I can't even start on the baby poo tan jumpsuit (???) except to say, Santino darling, when you design for a woman's body, best not to have the crotch hanging 3 inches below the actual, um, crotch. Ease is good, that was just droopy. Also, you lied. LIED about the sleeve. I'm on to you, buddy.

Daniel, my beloved Daniel, my darling golden boy. Ein minuten bitte! WHAT was Daniel thinking? Was Daniel in fact, thinking? It was a ren faire outfit gone horribly wrong. In fact, I've seen that outfit at faire, I'm just sure of it. Why didn't Chloe grab him by the shoulders and scream, "JUST STOP RIGHT NOW AND PUT DOWN THE NEEDLE AND THREAD, DANIEL!" The only thing that sucker was lacking was shoulder pads. No, wait. I think it had shoulder pads. Never mind. Thank god he had immunity, s'all I can say. You're all breathing a huge sigh of relief, I can tell.

Kara. Nice girl. Doesn't do well under pressure. I think her continued presence on the show is strictly on the merit of nice, which is the strongest thing I can think to say about her designs. They're... nice. Girl next door nice. Moderately priced, made overseas in a factory and then shipped back to the States nice. Maybe pick one up at Target nice. Hey, it works for Isaac Mizrahi...

And then there was Nick. Ouch. Nick, my darling, did you not learn from Andre's sad fall? Do not let your ego run amuck, dude. Because when you do, you will CRASH AND BURN. Like you did.

I thought they picked the right winner for this challenge, anyway. I like Chloe. I liked her suit. She's a solid designer.

I let my children stay up until 11 on a school night to watch reality television. Curse you, Project Runway!


Atla said...

I'm slightly disturbed. ;)

Z said...

Oh you so funny! The only reality I watch is Celebrity Fit Club. I watched a PBS program on Ireland's Bog Bodies...I am morbid that way.

Ragnar said...

I'm reeling a bit, I must confess...but I'm a horrible anti-television snob. Hmm...maybe I'll check out the Project Runway website, it'll bring me back to my misbegotten youth when I used to think I was going to be a costume designer.

Inky said...

I love Project Runway -- thank goodness for DVR so I can watch it in the morning during peace and quiet time (when everyone is gone!!).

Santino. It even sounds like a hairball.