Monday, February 13, 2006

As I zip along with the knitting, I am noticing a real problem with my tension in the purl rows, that being, I'm noticeably looser on purl rows than knit rows. I am gleaning from my reading here and there that sometimes it is an issue with continental style knitting (hey nothing if not predictable, right?) but I have yet to figure out how to fix it. The cotton yarn seems to show up every uneven stitch and flaw as I've said before - it's a little bit daunting, I really thought I was a pretty skilled, consistent knitter. The cotton screams otherwise. I think this will be a new gauge of excellence, whether or not I can get a pleasing, consistent fabric in cotton. It's something to work towards as I go on anyway. I'm about halfway through the raglan shaping/decrease section on the sweater back and it's very exciting to see a recognizeable sweater back forming. I mean, I have sweaters shaped like this. I begin to intuit the shape, I can SEE it. Thrilling.

I must give props to my Team Kvetch co-member (I think there are only two of us and I'm two timing, also knitting for Team Goth. It works because Goth is ultimately kvetchtastic, right?) Z who is making a recognizeable sock on dpns for the first time and it looks great. Go Z!

Olympic musings:
I admit to being utterly baffled by curling. It appears to be a cross between bowling and pool, on ice, with brooms, performed by men who look far too intent and serious about the process. Just.Not.Getting. It. See, first there is a lot of standing around and looking serious. Then, still looking serious, some guy grabs a rock and flings himself across the ice, using the rock to propel himself forward. Then? He lets go of the rock. THEN, a couple more guys with funny brooms VERY intently swish at the ice in front of the rock with their brooms so that... I don't know, um, what? The rock doesn't get dirty? "OH my god Sven! I see a speck of lint on the ice. Sweep!" or something. At least that is what I surmise. The curling teams seem really focused on cleanliness on the ice. A little OCD about it maybe. And then the rock stops and they all stand around and stare at the ice and the rock some more and then they start again.

It begs for a crew of swarthy pirates to come and swill rum and spill crumbs on the ice and generally mock the process. I mean, I think pirates would make curling a lot better. Maybe, a pirate curling team. The possibilities abound.

Obviously, I am not Canadian. Yarrrrr.


Ragnar said...

I'm sure that you weren't actually asking for a tutorial on curling...but...what they are doing with those brooms is making the ice melt. Yup...melted ice. So that the stone goes further. It's sort of like shuffle board for Vikings or something...and yes, I agree that what is wanting is an infusion of rum.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Not just rum though. I think it wants for more, like perhaps a stiff penalty like being keelhauled or dropped off the plank for losing.

That plus rum?

World class entertainment. Seriously. Better than reality television any day.

Imagine all those nervous curlers. Yarrrrrr.

Z said...

Curling is very exotic and I can watch it for hours simply because I don't understand it...and the pirate in me (ahoy!) says, "Tis time for some rum me thinks whilst we watch this curling spar!"