Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yesterday was rather exciting. A porn star asked me to make him socks.

No, really. A porn star asked me to make him socks.

See, I had to get blood drawn and the place we go for that (because it is SOOPER cheap and a well kept secret that it is cheap which means, not a lot of waiting around or hassle) is also the same place that provides a great deal of lab work and STD testing to the adult entertainment industry. Best kept secret in the Valley. And here I am, blabbing about how you can go get labwork done SUPER CHEAP if you haven't got medical insurance. Which, I have, but I also have this wicked high deductible and my out of pocket is less at this lab than at my insured lab, so there ya go, no contest. There goes that secret, right down the drain.

So yeah. Room full of porn actors because this weekend is the big porn Oscars and they're all getting tested I don't know why and I don't want to know why but I know it is so because my phlebotomist told me the lab was slammed as a result of the awards. And then there is me. Knitting. As I am wont to do, when I find myself in a waiting kind of room.

The Koigu sock got passed around the room (wow this is sounding all wrong) and fondled and generally petted and praised (I think my sock may have a great career ahead of it) and all the porn stars looked at me like I was a neuro-surgeon or a rocket scientist because OMG WTF, chick with sticks and string making a real live SOCK and apparently that is rather cool. Then this really cute guy asked me if I'd make him socks. Or mittens. See, I'd heard from other knitters that sometimes random strangers ask you to make them things but I'd never given it credence really, thinking "Oh sure, like some random stranger would ask you to knit for them." but sure enough, it happens. And it happened to me. In a room filled with actors who star in adult entertainment feature films. Now I don't know if this guy was for sure an adult entertainment actor (porn star) because well, I don't watch porn (it makes me laugh too hard) but I'm guessing he probably was. And it makes the story a lot better than if he were just, like, Mel the very cut, very pretty porn cameraman or something.

I told him no, very politely, and explained that he couldn't afford me. And then I got my blood drawn and the sock and I left.

At least he didn't ask me to make him a cosy for anything.


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Too funny!

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