Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We're having the Finishing Olympics around here. I figured that I should really knock out all the unfinished projects, weave in all the lose ends (so sad, the socks!) and get things tidied up for the Yarn Harlot's Frenzy of Olympic Sweater Knitting. To that end, I ripped out Cam's cursed socks and cast on for a new pair with fresh yarn, new pattern and different needles. Sock #1, coming along beautifully. No problems thus far. The NEW socks, Cam's Worth Her Weight In Rubies socks (Prov 31:10) are made out of Bearfoot and are warm and cuddly and fabulous. I came up with these socks for Cam because I totally respect the way she walks her talk. It isn't lip service. She should get rubies. She's getting socks in "Ruby Ridge" instead.

Before the Knitting Olympics can commence, I must do the following.
Finish Cam's socks (the woman is about to give birth. She needs warm feet. Also, I cannot knit for her baby until I have finished the knitting for HER.)
Knit the second Trekking XXL sock (about 1/4 done) and the second Koigu sock (not even cast on)
Finish the sari silk striped scarf (or maybe frog that sucker, I haven't decided yet.)
Finish the felted bag I'm making from Cascade 220 for my friend's daughter (only about 1/3 done, not even to icord.)
Finish the strap for the felted Pekoe bag I made myself from all the Pekoe yarns leftover from paying our vet bill (I hate straps.)
Finish sewing on the button for the Pekoe bag I still haven't mailed my friend Mat, the God of Procrastination.
Put earflaps on the boy's hat.

I think as far as lingering and unfinished stuff, this isnt' bad and most knitters I've talked to have far larger Piles of Shame so I don't feel TOO bad. I just know that when the endless rounds of stocking stitch on the Olympics sweater begin to wear, I'll be so totally tempted to put it down and pick something else up. This way, I'll have no excuses.

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Siel said...

Well, maybe when you're done, you'll be ready to relax with fair trade chocolates and organic wine at my party-to-be?